Battle of the Blondes
Season 1 Episode 6
Background Information
Episode Number 6
Date October 7, 2014
Studio Krystal Beck Dance Company
Studio Problems Dance Moms Drama
Dances Tap Trio
Production Number
# of Viewers (in millions) TBA
Episode Guide
Previous Episode
Daughter Dearest
Next Episode
Point of No Return

Battle of the Blondes is the sixth episode of Abby's Studio Rescue. Abby heads down to Apple Valley to help a dance studio with a group of mothers who drive the students away. The episode will air on October 7, 2014.


Abby helps a studio owner in Apple Valley, Cal., who is dealing with some out-of-control dance moms.


Krystal started her own business but it's her moms that are hurting the buisness. Abby arrives and before she even walks in the door, she can hear the mothers fighting



Krystle Beck Dance CompanyEdit




  • Alyssa
  • Romiah


  • Alayna 
  • Kaylee


  • Team Angie
    • Angie
  • The Blondes
    • Collette

After Abby's VisitEdit

KBDC enrolled 23 new students over the past few months. Angie continues to behave herself and even conciders blonde highlights for her hair. However regarding the moms, Krystal says "Dance Moms will be Dance Moms"


  • This episode was not in the initial line-up of episodes so it is unknown as to what episode number it was but it is to air in the 6th episode spot where the episode Point of No Return was going to air.

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