Abby to the Rescue
Season 1, Episode 1
Background Information
Episode Number 1
Date June 24, 2014
Studio Triple Threat Performing Arts Center
Studio Problems Finances
Dances Mini Elite Lyrical Routine

Elite Company Routine

# of Viewers (in millions) 0.839
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Abby Meets Her Match
Abby to the Rescue is the premiere episode of Abby's Studio Rescue. Abby heads to Rhode Island to help a anxious studio owner. The episode will premire June 24th, 2014.


Dance studios on the bunk of closing are transformed by Abby Lee Miller. In the Opener, Abby visits a struggling studio in Warwick, R.I. and discovers that the owner is too anxious to even come to her own place of business.





Triple Threat Performing Arts CenterEdit


  • Marlaina Gauthier Rapoza


  • Bethany Peterson
  • Ashlee (Marlaina's Daughter)
  • Talia (Mentioned)


  • Micheal
  • Layla (mentioned)
  • Nadia (mentioned)


  • Beth (Layla's Mom)
  • Megan (Nadia's Mom)
  • Micheal's Mom

After Abby's VisitEdit

Since the showcase, Marlaina's anxiety has lessened and goes to the studio every single day. Marlaina also works much better with the moms and hired a master ballet instructor to improve technique.

According to comments left on the series preview video on Facebook, things have gone south since Abby visited. Many parents posted that the entire company team has quit. They also posted that on the week of thier recital, costumes have never appeared and teachers are trying to find costumes for the kids even though the parents paid for them in January. Posts continue with accusations of robbing the parents of their money and deleting any comments on facebook. Local news organizations reported that Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilmartin had filed a lawsuit against the studio for fraud.[1][2] Also it seems Marliana was unappreciative of the help from Abby and those who helped revamp the studio.

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